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Neon Union Signs Publishing Deal with Warner Chappell Music & JAB Entertainment

Warner Chappell Music and JAB Entertainment have signed a global publishing deal with rising country duo, Neon Union.

Comprised of newcomers Leo Brooks and Andrew Millsaps, Neon Union is preparing to take country music by storm. Brooks grew up in Miami and has collaborated with artists like Pitbull, Lauryn Hill, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Cee Lo Green and John Legend. Millsaps grew up in North Carolina and has been writing songs ever since the age of 13. When Grammy-nominated country star Jimmie Allen heard the two perform separately, he became convinced that Brooks and Millsaps would make the perfect duo. Allen introduced the two, and the rest was history. Together as Neon Union, Brooks and Millsaps are bringing a new sound to country music, with 808 kick drums married to a traditional country lyric and anthemic pop melodies. Neon Union is managed by Allen and his business partner Aaron Benward as JAB Entertainment’s inaugural artist.

Their debut single, "Bout Damn Time,” on Red Street Records is at country radio now with more music to come this year.


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