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Neon Union Debuts Music Video for "This Side of the Dirt"

Neon Union debuts their BRAND NEW music video for their sophomore single, “This Side of the Dirt” HERE.


“This Side of the Dirt,” which originally released August 2023, follows the duo’s debut charted single “Bout Damn Time” and debut EP Double Wide Castle Sessions. The music video, directed by BLNK SPCE Media’s Sam Aldrich and Cody Lunsford, beautifully captures the song’s message with warmth, charm and an upbeat performance by Neon Union’s Brooks and Millsaps. Alongside side lyrics that sing,


“Baby I want your name to be the last word on my lips / And you to be the first thing I see when the light starts creeping in,”


viewers watch the evolution of a young man’s grueling day as he eagerly awaits the moment that will change his life forever. Brooks and Millsaps, who also make cameo appearances as characters in the storyline, hope that their new music video brings encouragement to viewers. “Let’s start this year off right by being grateful for the ones we love. Everyday is a good day on this side of the dirt!” shares Brooks. 


Watch the official music video for “This Side of the Dirt” HERE, and listen to the band’s debut EP Double Wide Castle Sessions HERE.


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