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Neon Union Releases "American Dirt" From Their Upcoming EP 'Double Wide Castle Sessions'

Neon Union drops brand new single titled “American Dirt," which marks the first release of the band’s upcoming EP Double Wide Castle Sessions, out 7.21.

Red Street Records country duo Neon Union drops brand new single titled “American Dirt” (listen HERE), which marks the first release of the band’s upcoming EP Double Wide Castle Sessions. “American Dirt” showcases a new side for the duo, comprised of vocalists Andrew Millsaps and Leo Brooks, following their charted radio single, “Bout Damn Time” (listen HERE). The soulful ballad sings of a sentimental, patriotic appreciation for the small-town upbringing that have shaped both Millsaps’ and Brooks’ journeys. Brooks shares his real-life inspiration behind the song by explaining, “For me, this is about being a first-generation American fighting for the dream my parents worked so hard for. They fought for a better life by bringing us to the United States from Roatan, Honduras in hopes of achieving the ‘American Dream’ right here on this American dirt.”

Produced by GRAMMY-nominated, ACM and CMA-winner Dann Huff and co-written by Brooks, Millsaps, Brandon Hood and Bob DiPiero, “American Dirt” blends together powerhouse musicianship with the smooth vocal pairing of an incredibly talented duo. The track opens with a heartfelt visual that sings, “This is for the middle of nowhere / Tall corn grows there / In rows that go for miles / This is for first generation / Dreams in the makin’ / Chasin’ a chance for a better life.” Huff, who’s worked with musical legends like Taylor Swift, Kenny Rogers, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill and countless others inspired the idea of the Double Wide Castle Sessions alongside Red Street CEO Jay DeMarcus. Huff describes working with the duo by sharing, “’s like a concert. It doesn’t feel like a studio performance where everything’s dry and scripted. These guys actually sing together, and that’s special.”

“American Dirt” marks the kick-off release of Neon Union’s upcoming EP titled, Double Wide Castle Sessions, available July 21st of this year. Check out the studio video filmed at the Castle Recording Studios HERE, and stream “American Dirt” everywhere today (HERE).


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